El patron'S STORY


El Patron in Spanish is translated as 'The Boss'! We believe in providing superior and dominant Mexican street-food to the people of Dublin. Having spent years working with Mexican cuisine and developing a passion for it, it was only a matter of time until El Patron was born. 

We are here to provide freshly made Mexican street food. Everything we serve is done from scratch, every marination, every salsa, every sauce, etc. Everything with love!

Why is El Patron different? We don’t serve anything out of a tin or bottle. We pride ourselves on providing authentic and freshly made Mexican street food.

We serve everything that will make your mouth water; delicious slow cooked Pork Carnitas, an out of this world Beef Barbacoa, amazing chicken thighs meat (everyone else serves breast, well….we got taste to know the difference), a spicy Chilli con carne, a Steak Bandito that will steal your heart and a Vegetarian option that will make you want to go veg at least once a week.

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Authentic freshly made Mexican cuisine, either if you like burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, tortilla chips with guacamole, etc, we have it all!

Apart of having the best burrito in Dublin and the most authentic Mexican street food, we also pride ourselves for serving the biggest burrito in Dublin..hang on...we mean the biggest burrito in Ireland amigos!

El Gordo is one of our most popular burritos and is filled with the best freshly made Mexican Street food. Is your mouth watering yet? Now you gotta try the best burrito in Ireland and if you like a challenge, why don't you bring a mate and do our El Gordo Challenge!!! Eat faster and eat for free!

Best burrito in Dublin, right?